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Resteröds original collection

Brandbook, lookbook and press kit, Resteröds Original collection.
Photo: Niklas Nyman, Model: Alexander Östlund, Hair and Make: Victoria Dahlgren

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 If you are heading to Gotland this summer don’t miss Storsudret! It’s not just a spectacular and very beautiful place, it’s also where a great popup shop will be located. DRY things will be sold amongst other nice brands. Open 13th july-8th august, 12-17

How to get there:
Burge Gård, Öja Burge 338 | 623 33 Burgsvik | Gotland Island | Sweden
Burge Gård is situated on Faludden about 5 km from Burgsvik. From the main road to Hamra, follow signs towards Faludden. Keep left. On the right after some paddocks you’ll see a white barn with sign Burge Gård on the facade.