GANT Rowing Race 2011. The preparations are in full swing.

A good rower isn’t fazed by aching muscles, the taste of blood in his or her mouth, early mornings or a little snow. The preparations for the 2011 edition of GANT Rowing Race have been going full speed for both schools throughout the fall, but it entered its next phase as the new race site was launched the other day. There you can see, among other things, the first of three films that the agency has produced together with photographer Jörgen Ringstrand. On Facebook, one of the major media channels for the event, you can also cheer the team of your preference on, in a pre-race called “Gilla laget”.

Christmas info

Information about opening hours during christmas

We need more colleagues!

In 2010, HägerFredlund needed to employ no fewer than six new colleagues. Now in preparation for 2011, we are entering the next phase of our development – not least within the digital sphere – and are looking to recruit another four new colleagues. A strategic project manager/planner, a web AD, a copywriter and an AD. The recruitment process will be carried out in collaboration with Lotta Martin, and details will soon be posted on both HägerFredlund’s and Lotta’s websites, If you would like to express an interest now rather than wait, mail your CV to

Most goats win – Action Aid’s Christmas campaign is underway

The leading player in this year’s Christmas campaign is Action Aid’s most popular Christmas gift; the goat. In a bid to beat last year’s SEK 4 million collection, we have divided this year’s campaign into two stages:

The first stage urges people to give the gift of a goat this Christmas. The next stage involves encouraging all the goat-givers to persuade their Facebook friends to do the same. This part of the campaign is called “Battle of the Goats”, and the team – i.e. the group of friends – that gives away most goats wins. The biggest prize, in addition to the honour of being named “Goat-Giver of the Year”, is the knowledge that life will become that little bit better for a few more people in need around the world.

This year’s Christmas gift costs just SEK 200, and can be purchased at

Goats cannot chat, but they are quite good at singing. Listen to this!


We urge all companies to give away goats this Christmas. Our DM material will provide some valuable help before “wrapping up” your Christmas gifts.

Enter the “Battle of the Goats” and compete for the “Goat-Giver of the Year” title. Start to compete by going to and giving away a goat, then invite all your Facebook friends to be on your team. May the nicest team win!