Race time!

The setting was picture perfect when the first ever Gant Rowing Race was decided on Djurgårdsbrunnsviken. It felt like all of Stockholm was there, basking in the lovely weather, as Sigtuna produced a historic victory over Lundsberg in six exciting races. The specially designed rowing collection from Gant sold like hotcakes while the party continued long after the sun had set. A classic in the making and an honor to have contributed.

The wedding suite is on

As the Swedes start focusing on weddings so does Hugo. Buying a suit for this summer’s weddings, royal or otherwise, is far too serious a business to not be handled by an expert. This is the starting point for our new campaign.

Now also in a cinema near you

From now until Saturday May 22nd, when the winner of the first ever Gant Rowing Race will be decided, you can follow the preparations of both participating schools at the movies. In fact, that is a world premiere in more ways than one. This is actually also the first time Gant has ever produced a commercial expressly for the silver screen.

Production company: NewNew