Spring shoe fashion has arrived here

A review of the store range resulted in a new look for store signs and advertisements alike. You can check out the latest ones here.

Donkey for Valentine’s Day

As a gift of love on Valentine’s Day, ActionAid urged people to give away a donkey. This is todays full-page ad in the Swedish broadsheet, DN.

Photographer: Mikael Strinnhed

GANT Rowing Race

On Saturday, May 22, Lundsberg and Sigtuna – Sweden’s top two boarding schools – will meet in a prestigious rowing race at Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. The event is being organized by Gant, whose American East Coast background has inspired this competition in the vein of the rowing regattas held since 1852 between the Ivy League institutions, Harvard and Yale. We have been assigned the overall responsibility for the competition’s communications and design.

Photographer and production company: Jörgen Ringstrand